Thursday, February 14, 2013

Notepad++ Compile and Run Java Programs

Notepad++ is a great file editor. It has many features. The most important feature which I like about Notepad++ is its light weight. It loads up so quickly, that's great. It also provides syntax highlighting for many languages. I use notepad++ to edit general files as well as my simple Java programs.
Although notepad++ provides functionality to run external programs, I prefer NppJavaTools plugin to compile and run Java programs using notepad++.
You can download NppJavaTools plugin from this page - NppJavaTools.


Installation of plugins in notepad++ is very simple process. All you have to do is copy plugin dll into plugins folder of notepad++ installation directory and restart the notepad++.

This plugin provides following features,

  1. Compile and run your Java files within Notepad++
  2. Set custom hotkeys for compiling and running Java Code
  3. Library support

Compile and Run

This function allows you to run your Java programs to compile and run from Notepad++.

Set Custom hotkeys

This function allows you to set custom hotkeys for Compile and Run command.NppJavaTools Settings

Library support

You can specify which libraries to use while compiling and running your Java programs using NppJavaTools. As shown in above image of Settings window, you can add, remove single or clear all the library files.

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