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Incredible India Theme

This is the next version of my Google chrome theme, first was somewhat same but in gray scale but this time i made it with all d colors!!
Here is the snapshot of it

It can be downloaded from Incredible India Theme

Hard Disk Crash

Yesterday again my hdd crashed!! and lost data which contained my First Google Chrome theme......
This is second time when my hard disk has been crashed in last 4 months.

Web Application Internationalisation

Google Transliterate is one of the awesome tool for typing in languages other than English. But how to make your web application support i18n??
Currently I work on Spring framework which has in-built support for i18n. We use messages files(i.e. Resource Bundles in Java) for i18n.
The question is how to convert native characters to UTF-8 characters!!
Well for that also solution is provided by Sun, JDK comes with a tool "native2ascii" which is located in your default installation directory of JDK. This tool converts native characters to utf-8 characters. Following example shows how to use this tool

First of all write a file which contains text in your own language(For that you can use Google Transliterate IME with notepad)
Then save this file at some handy location e.g. on c:\input.txt
e.g. My text file contains -
Now on command prompt navigate to jdk bin directory and type following command
native2ascii -encoding utf-8 c:\input.txt c:\output.txt
-encoding parameter speci…

Google Transliterate

Google transliterate is an awesome tool for writing in your own language.
Using this IME you can type in any software in your language, and more than that the suggestions shown by this IME makes it very easy to scroll through your desired word!!!
So try it out -
Installing it is very easy and they have given the help for how to install it.