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Simple Drop Down Menu Using JQuery

Recently in my project we needed a dynamic menu to be generated, so I started working on drop down menu using javascript. In my last post I discussed about jQuery, and yes jQuery is a great javascript library.
For following drop down menu I used jQuery effect. slideDown is the effect which I used in following simple drop down menu.

If you want to use this menu in your project just add following code in your html file

JQuery Effects

Yesterday when I was designing a simple drop down menu using javascript and css, well I am not an expert in javascript but as it needed so I was designing. First it took a lot of time for me to design it using javascript but after when I googled for some of the simple drop down menus then I found about JQuery Effects, and those are awesome. I was aware of jquery effects but never thought about them to use them in my project.
But as the slogan of the jquery "The Write less, Do more" and its true. jQuery made my half of the code for drop down and also added some of the nice effects to my drop down.