Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple Drop Down Menu Using JQuery

Recently in my project we needed a dynamic menu to be generated, so I started working on drop down menu using javascript. In my last post I discussed about jQuery, and yes jQuery is a great javascript library.
For following drop down menu I used jQuery effect. slideDown is the effect which I used in following simple drop down menu.

If you want to use this menu in your project just add following code in your html file

Well I tried to post my code here, but blogger do not allows some code to be posted, so I uploaded these files and following is the link for this simple drop down menu.
Download this package, in this you will find 4 files.

  1. index.htm
  2. jquery144.js
  3. sjs.js
  4. style.css
   This is the file in which menu links are there.
   This is jQuery version 1.4.4.
   This file contains some javascript helper functions for simple drop down menu
   This file contains menu display style.
This simple drop down menu is tested on Google Chrome 7.0, Firefox 3.5.11, IE 6, IE8 and it works perfectly.

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