Friday, February 10, 2012

Beware of Android FREE Apps

Android platform is an open source platform to develop applications. From Android Market you can get plenty of free apps for your android smartphone. Recently I downloaded a free game from android market which was developed by a very good company, I played this game and I liked it. The game is awesome but after 2 days I faced problem while connecting my device to my pc, my smartphone was unable to detect that it has been connected to pc???
Now after searching for problem I found that the most latest change I did in my phone was installing this app(game) from a very good company... Then I went through the permissions which were requested by this game and I found it was requesting so many unnecessary permissions. When I uninstalled this app my phone immediately detected pc connection...
So while installing FREE apps from Android market please check which are the permissions requested by these applications, and please go through the reviews even if these applications are developed by very good titles...

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