Wednesday, March 14, 2012

World Wide Web or Patent Web!!

Day before yesterday I read a news about Facebook being sued by Yahoo for their social networking patents.. Every day I read a news about something is patented by some company, now I don't know about today's patent system, I mean how they approve them but I have seen some of the patents which are like a simple idea that any software developer can come up with but its patented... I read at least one news about some one being sued by someone for the patent that they have and we have seen(or I can say right now watching) the patent war which is happening between Samsung and Apple and Google and Microsoft on patents. These big companies buys companies with patents so that they can sue their competitors and block them to make profit. Word Wide Web I think was designed to make data or the information available to public but now it has became a patent web where if you do/design something you first need to check whether whatever you are developing whether is it patented, if yes then ?? is there any solution?? I don't know. In such web how a small startup can grow when there are these big fishes which are waiting for a small to fish to come up and then they will swallow it and then again sue someone!!!

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