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GWT Amazing Toolkit from Google

When GWT was first launched, I read some articles and followed some basic(very basic) tutorials of GWT but left it after a few days as didn't get the time to follow it. Now after a long break I again got the chance to learn and use it again. After following first few tutorials and after watching the demo applications which I built using GWT, I have became the fan of it. It's an awesome toolkit from Google. The most amazing feature of it is that you write the code in Java and it will convert it into highly optimized JavaScript which will run on almost all the browsers!!

CodeVed - Tutorials for beginners to professionals

While its been a long time I haven't posted any article on this blog, that's because I was busy setting up the new website which is the official(my :-) ) place for the tutorials on the various programming languages. - is the new website where I will be posting all the tutorials related to Java basics, core Java and advanced Java.