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Notepad++ Compile and Run Java Programs

Notepad++ is a great file editor. It has many features. The most important feature which I like about Notepad++ is its light weight. It loads up so quickly, that's great. It also provides syntax highlighting for many languages. I use notepad++ to edit general files as well as my simple Java programs.
Although notepad++ provides functionality to run external programs, I prefer NppJavaTools plugin to compile and run Java programs using notepad++.
You can download NppJavaTools plugin from this page - NppJavaTools.

Installation of plugins in notepad++ is very simple process. All you have to do is copy plugin dll into plugins folder of notepad++ installation directory and restart the notepad++.

This plugin provides following features,

Compile and run your Java files within Notepad++Set custom hotkeys for compiling and running Java CodeLibrary support Compile and RunThis function allows you to run your Java programs to compile and run from Notepad++. Set Custom hotkeysThi…

Windows Media Player Transparent Seek Bar How To

If you are a Visual C++ programmer or you have learnt Visual C++, you might have seen and wondered how Windows Media Player Seek Bar is designed. Well, I have always wondered about it before today..
The Seek bar which Windows Media Player is a transparent seek bar. It uses a gradient fill from bottom to top. When you are playing some video in Windows Media Player, you can see the video running behind this seek bar.
Many times I tried to design a control like this, where a control is transparent and the control which is placed behind this control should be visible. Although I never succeeded in this one, but I tried it a lot of times.
Today when I was listening to songs using Windows Media Player(!!), I saw when I click on the area near to seek bar Windows Media Player's main window gets de-activated. The technique behind the transparent seek bar is to create a separate top level window.
This second top level window should be a Layered Window, you can read more about Layered Windo…

Valentines Day Screen Saver

Few years back when I was in college I used to get huge amount of time to learn new technologies. In those days once I was trying to learn DirectX programming using Visual C++. I started with few tutorials and learnt a lot about the DirectX programming. At that time I designed my first screen saver using DirectX and Visual C++ which was Falling Hearts screen saver.
Every time valentines day comes close, I still get many mails regarding this screen saver. Some of them are to modify the screen saver, some of them are for the download link and some of them are Thank you mail.
Well, I am happy about it but as said earlier I wrote it long time back and neither I have source code for it anymore with me to modify it nor the time.
To download the screen saver please visit Softpedia at

After this screen saver I wrote another small and very simple game using DirectX, here is the video for it.