Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentines Day Screen Saver

Few years back when I was in college I used to get huge amount of time to learn new technologies. In those days once I was trying to learn DirectX programming using Visual C++. I started with few tutorials and learnt a lot about the DirectX programming. At that time I designed my first screen saver using DirectX and Visual C++ which was Falling Hearts screen saver.
Every time valentines day comes close, I still get many mails regarding this screen saver. Some of them are to modify the screen saver, some of them are for the download link and some of them are Thank you mail.
Well, I am happy about it but as said earlier I wrote it long time back and neither I have source code for it anymore with me to modify it nor the time.
To download the screen saver please visit Softpedia at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Screensavers/Valentine-Screensaver-CM.shtml

After this screen saver I wrote another small and very simple game using DirectX, here is the video for it.

Programming with Visual C++ and DirectX API is fun.

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  1. Thanks for this screen saver, but unfortunately it ain't workin'. But I found out solution of this problem - I refresh my directx latest version https://yepdownload.com/directx and now it all works out amazing.


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