Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Windows Media Player Transparent Seek Bar How To

If you are a Visual C++ programmer or you have learnt Visual C++, you might have seen and wondered how Windows Media Player Seek Bar is designed. Well, I have always wondered about it before today..
The Seek bar which Windows Media Player is a transparent seek bar. It uses a gradient fill from bottom to top. When you are playing some video in Windows Media Player, you can see the video running behind this seek bar.
Many times I tried to design a control like this, where a control is transparent and the control which is placed behind this control should be visible. Although I never succeeded in this one, but I tried it a lot of times.
Today when I was listening to songs using Windows Media Player(!!), I saw when I click on the area near to seek bar Windows Media Player's main window gets de-activated. The technique behind the transparent seek bar is to create a separate top level window.
This second top level window should be a Layered Window, you can read more about Layered Window here. Now when ever you main window gets a WM_SIZE message, set the size of your second top level window as well. As the second window is layered, we don't need to repaint it again and again unless user interacts with this window.


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