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Importance of Facade Layer

I still remember that around mid 2013, I was arguing for the same concept of Facade layer in our application in my earlier company. I was unable to digest the importance of Facade layer, so I was of firm opinion that Facade layer is unnecessary and should not be used!!

After 3 years, today when I was working on some code I realized that if we would have used Facade layer in our application then my work would have been much simpler than what I was doing...

Structure of our application -
Controllers/CommandHandlers                                                   | <----- Aspect execute at here Service Layer | Accessor/DAO |             | DB      Server
This is the structure of our application, in which Service layer handles the gathering and processing of data from DB and server process. We have a concept of MSU, where our application hosted of a central server gathers data from various servers and shows it on the centralized server. Now when call from controller or command handle…